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Duke, the founder of Darkroom Familia is back in the game with the hardest release of his long gangsta rap career. Featuring original members of Darkroom Familia, Crooked, Oso, K.I.D., Young D and Emac, this is sure to be a fan favorite. Production by well known Hip Hop Heavyweights including Dub, Bugsy, Crooked, Duke, Jason Porter and UghJesseThis Slap. "The Darkest Hour" features guest verses by some of the Bay Area’s favorite Rap stars including platinum recording artist Spice 1, Speedy Loc, Lil G 1700, Tito B, Lil Speedy Loc, T- Loc, Lou E Lou, Storm, Stevie Ray and Detroit’s Jason Porter.
Son of Darkroom Familia member Young D, Lil G 1700 is primed to take up the torch, following his father's legacy of street-filled rhymes and stories. The first in the line-up of 2nd generation Darkroom Studios artists, Lil G 1700's debut EP will pound stereo systems with bass-heavy beats produced by highly sought after millennial producer Jem100k. The EP will feature the heat seeking track "49ERS Faithful," with video version already blowing up on YouTube with over 100,000 views since its debut. 
"I Got Five On It 3" continue the hysterical misadventures of Barney Bumble and his homies. While Barney's away at seminary school, Oscar and Jimmy run his dispensary. Meanwhile, Barney's bitter enemies are released from prison and looking for payback.
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