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Interview with Lilg1700:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself; where you're from, when did you start rapping and how'd you get connected with Darkroom Studios?
I’m LilG1700 from East Side Stockton and I started rapping young because my pops, most y’all would know, goes by Young D and (also) uncle Crooked and Duke was doin’ music, and I saw it was going good, so, I was a young teen and decided to make music about the things I grew up seeing or living through and I’m connected with Darkroom Studios because my father is Young D and uncles are Crooked and Duke.
2) Describe your style/sound.
Most would say gangster, but I’m going for anything and everything, I can be versatile.
3) What influenced/inspired you to start rapping?
I had saw pops doin’ it my whole life, so I was like “it’s in my blood, can’t be that hard,” haha.
4) You’ve been putting in a lot of work lately, making tons of music, and shooting tons of videos. What inspires you to keep making music?
My fans inspire me and little cousins, you know, and fans would say some songs help them go through different things in life, and being able to see they look up to me, makes me want to be a better role model for the younger generation.
5) What is your all-time favorite rap album?
All time favorite rap album, well besides Darkroom, I would say "The Goat" By Polo G, because it’s all different feelings in the album.
6) What is your opinion of rap/hip-hop currently?
 I feel it’s alright, more pretenders than anything, but that's the new style now. That's why we stay underground, for the real ones still in the bottom trying to make it out.
7) What artists do you listen to?
I listen to artist such as my cousins Acito, Lil1700Adrian, Nicky900 and Lil Bean Zaybang, mbnel, mbjoemari, a lot of Stockton artists that are on the come up with me.
8) How do you feel about fans outside of the U.S. listening to your music?
I feel its dope. Makes me go harder because it’s not just the city or state, it’s different cities/countries and states bumping my music and EPs.
9) What are your thoughts on major labels still not recognizing independent rap from the Bay/Northern Cali?
At the end of the day, it’s their loss, because we got a real strong fan base, but everybody got a time to sign, but sometimes it’s also better to stay solo and independent.
10) How do you feel about the Bay Area/Central Valley/Northern Cali rap scene?
I feel it’s really good, everybody connecting with each other and making music, getting new fans and building a dope bond to make more music for fans.
11) Any upcoming projects?
I got another EP I wanna drop in July or August with a bunch of dope features on it. It’s in the WORKS!!!! Make sure y’all grab my EP “IN MY ZONE” and cop the new move I was in “I GOT 5 ON IT 3: A HIGHER CALLING.” Also, both on ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS.